Brian Fechino is one of those rare guitarists who put a higher priority on taste and tone rather than technical gymnastics. Make no mistake... Brian is able to burn with the best of them, but he simply chooses not to unless the music calls for it.

Brian's strength lies in his complete understanding of guitar history, technique, and equipment as well as his many years of stage and studio experience. From moment-to-moment in his playing he is able to draw from this knowledge enabling him to produce every imaginable (and many previously unimaginable) sounds from his instrument.

Brian has released three solo CDs of his own music, all available in the ONLINE STORE.


Brian Fechino is a guitarist who grew up in Virginia where at the age of 8 began learning as much about the guitar as possible. By 13 he was not only playing but, tearing guitars apart and putting them back together just to see how they worked. Inspired by all the classic rock, blues, and jazz he could find, he set out to create his own personal style.

At 20 he moved from Virginia and spent 7 years in Nashville doing sessions for singer/songwriters and playing a nonstop tour of blues and country road gigs. It's there he started doing his own instrumental records pulling from all the great influences Nashville had shown him.

He later moved to Los Angles to see what the west coast had to offer. Oddly enough it offered him an east coast gig with the Virginia based "Pat McGee Band" with whom he has been a member for 9 years. While still living in L.A. he recorded his second solo instrumental record. Finding it hard to stay in L.A. while with an east coast based band, Brian moved to back to Nashville and then on to New York where he now resides.

By the end of 2008 he finished his third instrumental release. Currently he splits his time between producing singer/ song writers, playing guitar and bass on sessions, touring with the Pat Mcgee Band, Keith Kane, Brian Fechino and Friends and a host of others.

On music:

Music is about emotion to me. It's also about playing back to the people, because the music is always bigger than me. When you play, it flows through you and hopefully brings joy and understanding to people. I get to express myself without saying a word. I love to make sounds that move people, I like playing good songs. The guitar is constantly challenging me, giving me something to work on. I like the power of the instrument, the physical contact of my fingers on the strings, the responsiveness... playing hard it sounds aggressive and powerful, then backing it off for it to sound sweet or sorrowful.

Music is something you never master, it masters you - if you're lucky!