L A T E S T   N E W S


Welcome to BrianFechino.com



My New Album Made by Hand is completed! It will be available for the first time on The Rock boat. I will be adding it to Itunes soon.


Working on music for my new record today. its been 4 years since my last one. I'm writing a bit different for this one. I hope to start recording in November. I'm really looking forward to it. I will have Matt "Chew" Calvarese on drums and Patrick "Hammer" Thornton on bass. 



I'm headed out on the road across the country with Amy Gerhartz. We will be doing house concerts,venues, and some festivals. I'm really looking forward to seeing a bunch of Rock Boat friends plus meeting and making new ones!




I'm working with my buddy Joe Bachman along with his awesome bandmates Oz and B-Dubbs in my studio. These guys sing so well together it just make my job fun and easy!!!



I'm so excited to be Recording and playing on the Sixthman Sessions! We take 6 people, put them on a cruise ship, pair them up to write songs together then they record those songs in a cabin. at the end of 3 days we have About 7/8 songs done. It's AMAZING the level of talent these artist bring each year...and crazy fun!



Rocking on The Rock Boat! Ill be playing the Sixthman Sessions concert, 3 shows with Amy Gerhartz, a late night show with Scott Munns and...well, I just never know who else I'll end up on stage with but it's alway a blast!



I will be joining Sister Hazel on the road filling in for Ryan Newall for a handfull of shows. These guys are some of the best people and musicians I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. Thier music speaks to so many people and I feel honored to get a chance to play these songs...But, playing guitar WITH Ryan is one of my favorite things to do so he will be missed not only by his fans but me as well.